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For ~ Akairi

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for ~ Akairi

Name :: Akairi
Age :: 22
Gender ::
Location :: Canada

What You'll Find Here
This is my anime fandom account, meaning I'll be posting images (like screencaps, custom graphics and wallpapers), videos, music and general musings of interest.

As of now, I don't *really* have a policy, just a general guideline. I love talking to people with similar interests as mine (of course). Don't be shy. I have a habit of poking around on my friends page, and I like leave comments every now and then. But please don't add me and never talk to me - there'd be no point then, right? Oh yes, and I don't do "drama" ;P

Either way, if you seem like a cool person, I'm sure I'll add you right back.

I'm pretty easy-going, and I don't bite (^.^)/

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